Win a trip to MLS Cup or the All-Star Game – sign up now for MLS Fantasy!

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If you are reading this article you have probably set up your MLS Fantasy team for free and are ready for the season to start on March 3. But after setting up your lineup, you still have one more thing to do: join a league.

Just by entering your squad, you’re automatically entered into three global leagues. The first league is based on the MLS team you selected. The second league includes every manager who started in the same round. The third league is the overall competition. 

Win a trip to MLS Cup or the All-Star Game – sign up now for MLS Fantasy! -

If you’d like to join some other leagues, click the Rankings tab in the top navigation bar. From the Rankings page, you can create or join a league. If you’re a returning player who ran a league in 2016, you can also renew that league from this page by using the Renew Your Leagues button. 

Win a trip to MLS Cup or the All-Star Game – sign up now for MLS Fantasy! -

If you choose to create a league, you’ll be able to select between two options: a classic league or a head-to-head league.

  • Classic League: A classic league tallies the points over the course of the season, with the highest scorer on top at the end being crowned the winner.
  • Head-to-head league: A head-to-head league pits you against a different manager each week. You can also opt to include knockout rounds, which are the equivalent of a season-ending playoff bracket for the best teams.

In either case, you’ll be given a unique numerical code when you create your league. You’ll also be given a field where you can send e-mail invitations to your friends and co-workers. It’s easy to join -- your invites will include a direct link to the league, so your friends will automatically be entered when they use that link. 

Joining A League 

You can also join leagues from inside the game. In order to join a private league, you’ll need the special link from the commissioner or the numerical code we mentioned in the previous section.

Public leagues, of course, are open to everyone. To join a public league, simply click the Join a Public League button. On the next page, you’ll choose between a Classic League and a Head-To-Head League.

You’ll be automatically entered into a league. This season, you can join up to three public leagues and as many private leagues as you wish.

Prize Information

Once again, a bevy of prizes will be up for grabs amongst MLS Fantasy managers. Here’s the official breakdown:

2017 MLS League Prizes:

  • Opening Weekend Challenge winner: MLS Starter Pack ($200 gift card, 2 tickets to an MLS regular season game, MLS Live subscription)
  • Grand Prize: Trip to 2017 MLS Cup final
  • Mid-Season Prize (through Round 17): Trip to 2017 MLS All-Star Game
  • 2nd place: $1,000 gift card
  • 3rd place: $725 gift card
  • 4th place: $500 gift card
  • 5th place to 10th place: $200 gift card

2017 Supporters League Prizes:

One team owner per Supporters League will receive a $250 gift card for owning the highest scoring team in each of the 23 Supporters Leagues.

2017 Private League Prizes:

A $250 gift card will be awarded to the highest scoring team owners in leagues with 750 or more unique, eligible players before March 28, 2017 at 5:00 PM ET.

General prize rules:

Only one winner per household and only one team per user. A user may only claim a maximum of one prize. If a user is eligible for more than one prize, the winner will be awarded the prize with a higher approximate retail value. If a user is not eligible for a prize, we will award it to the next-highest scoring user that is eligible.

For a complete list of rules, visit the MLS Fantasy page.