David Villa announced, via his social media last week and the best photo opp ever, that he had appeared on Sesame Street, and finally the video is out. If you're at work in a low-volume, be prepared to quietly lose it at your desk, because these two-and-a-half minutes manage to churn up a perfect maelstrom of feels.

The general gist is, Cookie Monster and the English/Spanish-bilingual Rosita are, apparently, the "Sesame Sports Superfan Cheering Club." They have a horn and a drum, respectively, ready to go in a supporters' section. Villa shows up to hang out and, with his new furry friends, learns once again the importance of practice. (Thanks to the astute observers who pointed out that, indeed, Villa conveniently got paired up with blue Muppets.)

There are a million micro-moments to love in here, but among the standouts:

  • The very moment Cookie Monster intones, "New York City Football Club!"
  • Cookie Monster's encouragement to Villa: "Me have faith in you soccer ability!"
  • The look when Villa can't believe his luck that he's housing cookies with, well, you know....
Watch David Villa on 'Sesame Street,' try not to explode - https://league-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/images/Screen%20Shot%202016-08-08%20at%203.32.16%20PM.png?null

Check out the whole clip above, and some behind-the-scenes goodies below, via NYCFC. And remember -- if you ever get down over learning a new skill, Cookie Monster has faith in you.