Steve Zakuani, Brad Evans Sounders podcast

On the latest episode of their podcast "Wingin' It with Zak and Brad" former Seattle Sounders Steve Zakuani and Brad Evans host a wide-ranging discussion on the issues of systemic racism, police brutality and the ongoing protests throughout the world sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

Among other topics, Zakuani starts the episode discussing his experience living in the United States as a Black man, and how the witnessing the protests gives him hope that change is possible.

"I like to take walks late at night, 9-10 pm," Zakuani said. "The biggest decision isn't where I'm going to walk, which direction I'm going to take, what music I'm going to listen to — the biggest choice I have to make is what am I gonna wear? Because I like to wear hoodies. But it's late at night, if I a wear a hoodie, even if I'm two minutes from home, it takes one phone call saying there's a strange Black man walking in the neighborhood, and that could be it. And I'm very conscious of that. I have to decide what to wear based on that. If I'm walking on the street and I see people walking towards me, I cross the road to make them feel comfortable. These small things take place every day. It's exhausting. And I think that's where America is at, that's where England is at, that's where the world is at.

"The thing that gives me hope is the majority of the world appears to understand and be reasonable and it's not Black vs. white, it's people against racism to say, 'You know what? Enough is enough. These injustices can't continue. People shouldn't live like that. We should live in equality.'"

Later in the episode, Zakuani and Evans interview Colorado Rapids forward Kei Kamara to talk about his perspective on what has taken place throughout the country, before current Sounders midfielder Harry Shipp, who serves as the club's Player's Union representative, joins to discuss MLS' return to play.

Listen to the full episode here.