Should an MLS team bring Ignacio Piatti back to the league? | Extratime

Ignacio Piatti - Montreal Impact - Return screenshot

Could former CF Montréal winger Ignacio Piatti still be of use to an MLS team? The Extratime crew took a stab at answering the question in Monday's episode, and they think the player could occupy a specific space on a team.

The 36-year-old is being linked back to the league after spending a year in his native Argentina with San Lorenzo, with a recent report from The Athletic's Paul Tenorio saying the player is interested in a return. Matt Doyle thinks that, should Piatti return, he would be well suited to play a role similar to Ilsinho at the Philadelphia Union.

"The Ilsinho role, having a player that is a luxury, but is also such a great weapon to have," Doyle said. "You have to hope that if you're targeting a player like that, they're willing to accept the role and they're willing to accept the money because you're not going to get paid like a starter. You're just not. Nacho Piatti's 36 years old. He's perfect for that role."

David Gass agreed, adding, "If he's willing to accept the sub role, every MLS team should want him. ... For any team with a small window or a win now window, this is a guy who can help you immediately."

Piatti was a huge success during his six seasons in Montreal, scoring 71 goals across regular season and playoffs and adding 38 assists.

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