Should Brazil have lost to Ecuador in the Copa America Centenario?

Ecuador - Brazil - Copa America

It's the play of the Brazil-Ecuador game that everybody's talking about.

The game, which ended in a 0-0 draw on Saturday at the Rose Bowl, appears to have featured a goal that was incorrectly disallowed.

Ecuador's Miller Bolaños, who played in MLS for Chivas USA in 2012-13, sent a cross along the endline towards goal in the 66th minute. Brazil goalkeeper Alisson, intending to catch the cross, instead bundled it and it bounced into goal. His head dropped and Ecuador began to celebrate.

Except...the assistant referee put his flag up before the play ended, calling the ball out of bounds before Bolaños' cross. The referee waived the goal off as a result.

Take a look at the play in question:

And here's an even closer look of the ball's placement as Bolaños kicks it:

Remember: The ball has to fully go out of bounds in order to be out of play.

Of course, the game officials don't have the benefit of replays and slow-motion replays to determine split-second decisions. But from all the available evidence, it looks like Ecuador should have won the game, and instead of celebrating the Copa America Centenario's first big upset, have to look ahead to their next games in Group B.

What do you think of the play? Bad call or too close to catch with the human eye?