The Seattle Sounders Conference Championship win, as told in fan art

Seattle Sounders Western Conference Champions fan drawing

The artist behind the Twitter account @MLSWatercolors, Emily Cummings, started out her MLS-illustration career by contributing to Sounder at Heart. This past August, she opened up their artistic field to include the league at large -- but, of course, she couldn't help but still let some Sounders fandom shine through.

So as the excitement built on Sunday afternoon, let's just say the artistic production ramped up. Via Twitter, @MLSWatercolors wound up pretty much live-tweeting the whole match through existing and updating drawings, as the Sounders eventually claimed their Western Conference Championship over the Colorado Rapids.

Let's look at some highlights of how the depictions unfurled:

You can check out the whole collection on @MLSWatercolors' timeline on Twitter.