Rodolfo Pizarro Twitter screenshot

Rodolfo Pizarro has landed in Miami as the Mexican international’s transfer to Inter Miami CF appears to inch closer to completion.

Pizarro, who donned a Yankees hat and gave a thumbs up as he walked through Miami International Airport Thursday morning alongside Miami co-owner Jorge Mas, said he spoke with David Beckham, who told the 25-year-old he “was counting on me.”

Pizarro told reporters in Monterrey that the quality of players in MLS, and in particular some other recent high-profile signings have made a major impression on him. 

“I think that seeing the players who are there [in MLS], I think that should silence the critics. Carlos Vela is there and I think he’s one of the best Mexican players — the best one today. And Chicharito is there and he’s had one of the best careers. [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic was there.”

As he left Monterrey, Pizarro said he knew he’d only be a Rayados player for a short amount of time, but believes he left his mark on the team — winning a Liga MX title and a Concacaf Champions League crown there — in what essentially was a farewell statement.

“Things happen for a reason. I knew I wouldn’t be staying long at Rayados. I enjoyed the little time I was here [in Monterrey]. That’s the way things are. There’s a reason that a [release] clause is there. We knew that we were coming [to Monterrey] to achieve a specific objective and we did it. And all I can do is thank the fans and management who put their trust in me. That’s it.”