Ripped...and oiled? Sounders trio strips down for magazine cover

Seattle Sounders nude - Nelson Valdez, Tyrone Mears, Zach Scott - Ville magazine

Three well-loved members of the Seattle Sounders' squad have added to the long tradition of soccer players taking off their clothes for the cameras. 

But this was no shirt-removing goal celebration. We're talking about the proverbial Full Monty here, save for one strategically-placed soccer ball per person...and for the cover of a major local magazine, no less. 

Tyrone Mears, Zach Scott and Nelson Valdez took the plunge for Ville, a mag dubbed "Seattle's premier lifestyle publication," as part of a photo shoot for its Health and Fitness issue.

The headline trumpets the trio's "ripped and fit" status, and with so little left to the imagination, it's hard to argue. Though by the looks of it, a fair amount of baby oil may have been required to give them that glistening cover-model sheen. caught up with the aspiring models to chat about the experience, which apparently drew some raised eyebrows, and a chuckle or two, from their significant others. 

"It was a fun experience, everybody was great to work with," said Scott. "At this point it was more convincing my wife to let me do it, and she was fine. Whatever makes her laugh, that’s what I say."