PRO offers rare glimpse inside Week 8's toughest VAR decisions for referees

Players, coaches and fans have become accustomed to debatingVideo Assistant Referee decisions in MLS matches. For several reasons, we tend to hear less from the refs themselves about the process behind those calls, however. 

The Professional Referee Organization is working to change that. 

On Thursday PRO released the latest edition of "Inside Video Review," their weekly window into the communications and deliberations that refereeing crews utilize in their efforts to make the right decisions in Video Review situations.

Sharing audio clips from the headsets worn by refs and shots of the many camera angles pored over in the VAR booth, it's a fascinating and illuminating perspective.

From Alan Kelly's conversations with Orlando City players Nani and Lamine Sane on a mistaken-identity yellow card to the back-and-forth that led to a Kai Wagner challenge being changed from a yellow- to red-card offense in Philadelphia and much more, these videos are well worth your time.