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Player Playlist: Music runs deep in the blood for LAFC's Adama Diomande

JLab - Player Playlist - Adama Diomande

Music has played a big part in Adama Diomande’s life since he can remember. His father is a musician who exposed a young Diomande to everything from classics like Michael Jackson to his own African drum beats.

Even though Diomande has only been with the LAFC for a little over a year, and the outgoing Norwegian striker has already picked up a newfound appreciation for Latin music from his teammates. He still trusts his own taste in music the most, though, admitting that he prefers to be in charge of the AUX cord in the locker room.

We caught up with Diomande to talk all things music, and the hip-hop fan’s insights did not disappoint.

What type of music do you like, and why?

I like hip hop and R&B. They give me the inspiration to be who I am in this world. Rappers like Tupac, for example, who fought against police brutality in America and stood up for other things as well, he is very inspirational for me.

If you were a hip-hop artist, what would your hip-hop name be?

My hip-hop name would definitely be "Dio."

How does music help you get in the right frame of mind before a game?

For me, it depends on the lyrics. Before a match, songs about alcohol and women don’t motivate me. Songs about overcoming struggles and stories of triumph are inspirational for me.

What are some artists or songs that teammates have introduced you to?

I listen to music so much that I’m familiar with most genres, but I have definitely listened to more Latin music since joining this team, so they’ve gotten me more into that.

What’s your favorite song?

That’s a hard one... right now, it’s probably Meek Mill and Drake’s song, "Going Bad."

What is your earliest musical memory?

My father is a musician. He plays African drums. When I was growing up he listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, but he was always listening to a variety of other things, too. I loved to copy everything my father did, so all types of music have had a big part in my life since I was young. I can play the drums like him, too.

In the LAFC locker room, who should be in charge of the AUX cord?

Me! I play all the best music, and I play a good variety of music, too.

If you could have one song play over the stadium speakers as you took the field, what would it be?

There’s a French group called PNL, and the beats they’re making and the songs they’re doing are so different than what people are usually listening to. I love what they’re doing for the community. So it would definitely be something by them.

What’s the most embarrassing song on your playlist?

[Laughs] Nothing too embarrassing, maybe just some R&B slow jams.