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Player Playlist: Nico Lodeiro reveals the music that gets him ready to chase glory for Seattle Sounders

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Nicolás Lodeiro and the Seattle Sounders are heading to the Western Conference Semifinal today to face off against FC Dallas. The match marks the teams' first meeting since Seattle beat FCD in a wild Round One playoff matchup last year on their way to a second MLS Cup triumph. With a win today the Sounders will again step over Dallas in their quest to repeat as MLS Cup champs.

Today, there’s no doubt Nico will rely on music to get him in the right mindset as he continues his effort to lead his team toward MLS Cup. We caught up with him to cover all things music throughout his life, including how his culture influences his taste, what the Sounders listen to in the locker room and how his American teammates have exposed him to new beats.

How much do you love music?
I really love music. I'm constantly listening to music with my family and friends. No matter where I am, it's always nice to have music involved.

Is music an important part of your life?
I don't know if it's important, per se, but it's something that's always present in every moment of my life, in good times and bad. Music helps you enjoy the moment, and can also carry you back to different times in your life, both the lovely and the not-so-nice times. A song always brings thoughts and memories. Because of this, it's nice to have music around you whenever you can.

What type of music do you like to listen to?
I like all types of music! I can adapt myself to any kind of music. If I'm in charge of putting on music for the team, I look for songs that fit the situation we're in. In general, though, I try to choose happy music that everyone knows.

Who are your favorite artists right now?
I don't have a particular favorite - I like many artists and different styles. As I said before, I can enjoy any type of music and I like to listen to various artists and musical styles.

Do you listen to music before matches? If so, what is playing?
Yes, always! I try to put on happy, popular music. Sometimes I listen to songs that I like, or that bring me luck. There are songs I always listen to before games, because they're lucky.

What’s been playing in the locker room ahead of matches?
Popular music is always playing: Camilo, Maluma, Osuna, etc — mostly Latino artists.

Who has been in charge of music in the locker room?
Raul (Ruidíaz), Yeimar (Gómez Andrade) and me. Whoever puts music on first is in charge of the music for the locker room. We listen to more or less the same sort of music.

What is a new artist / song you have been hooked on through your teammates?
Most Latinos listen to more or less the same sort of music, I think. We have similar cultures and the music is almost the same. In general, our American teammates may put on music that they enjoy, and even if I'm not familiar with those artists, the lyrics and beats and the sound of the music is still really nice.

What is the best concert or festival you have been to?
The best concert I've seen was in Seattle, at CenturyLink Field — it was a concert by Beyonce and Jay-Z. Honestly, it was an awesome show. I also love concerts by Maluma and Osuna.

What is your earliest music-related memory?
I don't remember exactly. But in Uruguay, I was always surrounded by music ... in my neighborhood, at school, with my family. As children, we always sang verses from songs we knew and songs we enjoyed, especially in family gatherings or friends' birthdays.