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Player Playlist: Kyle Beckerman expands repertoire, but has room for Legend

JLab - Player Playlist - Kyle Beckerman

Real Salt Lake legend Kyle Beckerman may have shorn his signature mane last year, but that didn’t mean he’s shrunk from the spotlight. As a 19-season veteran of the league, the last 12 with RSL, the international star still commands attention on the field – and off. Beckerman’s sartorial style and sense of humor have offered fans plenty of fun over the years. And if there’s any longtime players whose Spotify selections hardcore MLS-watchers are curious about, he’s got to be among the top.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered here. Ahead of RSL’s Rocky Mountain Cup matchup vs. the Colorado Rapids on Saturday, part of Heineken Rivalry Week, we caught up with Beckerman to hear about his pre-match favorites. Check out his playlist below.

What is your earliest musical memory?

I remember driving with my folks to wrestling tournaments and soccer tournaments on the East Coast listening to Bob Marley’s [compilation album] Legend. Journey was probably in there as well – whatever my parents were listening to when we were driving.

What do you listen to before a game?

Usually we listen to hip-hop and some Latin music in the locker room or on the bus, whatever gets us pumped up. There is a lot more Latin music now; I like it. There is a lot of new stuff now that I don’t really know. My music hasn’t really expanded, but the younger kids bring in the new stuff.

How does music play a role in getting your mindset right for big games?

With the hip-hop, the beat and sometimes the lyrics get you in the right mental state. It gets you pumped up. I don’t know where I read it, but I heard somewhere that if you play songs everybody knows it could have a positive effect on how everybody is going to perform.

Who are some of the artists that you’ve discovered through your teammates in the locker room?

Probably Post Malone. And then a bunch of Latin songs, but I don’t know who sings them ... or the words.

What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?

Tom Petty at Red Rocks. Great concert. Full moon, Tom was on his game and the venue was great. It checked all the boxes.