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Player Playlist: From Hungarian to Grande, music is Daniel Salloi's passion

JLab - Player Playlist - Daniel Salloi

Daniel Salloi may have grown up in Hungary, but he’s no stranger to American culture. He transplanted to the States in high school to play soccer in Kansas, and has be there ever since. In 2016, he signed to Sporting Kansas City. He’s one of only a few players who entered directly from the club’s developmental academy and he is still with the club today.

We caught up with him to talk everything music; from exposing his teammates to his native Hungarian music to feeling Ariana Grande’s best breakup song, he told us all about how big of a role music plays in his game.

What type of music do you like to listen to right now?

I like R&B and pop; mostly trendy music. I really go with the flow and enjoy what’s popular now.

Who are your favorite artists right now?

My favorites right now are The Weeknd, Drake, Travis Scott, and maybe when I need something different, The 1975.

What does music do that gets your mind right for a match?

Music is really important to me. I always listen to, especially my favorite artists, before games. It gets me hyped before a game. I find a good song and a good beat to get into the right mindset. It just helps me.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next.” And no, it’s not dedicated to anyone in particular.

In the Sporting Kansas City locker room, who’s in charge of the AUX cord?

Matt Besler. He’s great at it, his name is actually DJ Beezy Daddy… I’m not sure I should be saying that (laughs). But he’s very good at playing music.

Who should definitely NOT be in charge of the AUX cord?

I would say Graham Zusi. He’s old fashioned. Whenever we play anything new, he always asks, “what is this?” So definitely not Zusi.

Do you ever try to play Hungarian music for the guys?

Yes! Of course. I force them to listen to it. Some of them hate it... but there are some who love it.

What’s the best concert or festival you’ve ever been to?

I’ve been to a couple good ones. The Weeknd and Drake were amazing. There’s a band from England, Hurts, who I saw at a festival in Hungary. They were great, too. But I really like the experience of any type of live music. It’s my thing… to go to concerts whenever they’re in town.

What’s your earliest music related memory?

My parents loved Guns N' Roses, and so I loved them too. That’s definitely the earliest artist I’ve ever listened to. I remember going to their concert when I was younger, too. It was so cool.

Finish this sentence. Music is ?