NYCFC CEO provides update on stadium project, says it will be "transformational for the South Bronx"

Brad Sims - NYCFC - October 24, 2020

During a pregame interview, NYCFC CEO Brad Sims provided an update on the club's pursuit of a soccer stadium in New York City. 

Here's what Sims told the YES Network broadcast before the NYCFC vs. Montreal Impact Week 20 match at Yankee Stadium:

“I think that’s something that remains a huge, huge priority of the club, something that’s extremely important to us. I know, I feel the fans’ pain. I know how badly they want it. I know how badly they want news on confirmation of it and I can assure all of our fans that there is no stronger sense of urgency possible than what we have right now to be able to deliver that to our fans. And we have a team that’s working on it full-time, 100 percent of the time.

"And we’ve made a ton of progress. We really have," Sims continued. "And we’re very optimistic, as optimistic as we’ve ever been. Having said that, it’s a long process and for us arguably the most important part of that process is the community, the community input, working with community leaders and making sure that this project is something that reflects what they want and what’s important for their community. We feel that this is something -- not just the stadium, but the overall project that we’re going to be working on -- that’s going to be transformational for the South Bronx and we need to make sure that everyone is aligned with that vision.

"But we’re making progress, we’re feeling good about it and we’ve never been as optimistic as we are right now. And hopefully we’ll have some good news to share with our fans as soon as we can.”