MLS referee Allen Chapman: Ignacio Piatti should have seen red vs. Timbers

It's a play that is sure to be discussed in the days to come -- did Montreal Impact star Ignacio Piatti deserve a red card on Wednesday night?

In the 18th minute of the first half during Portland and Montreal's 1-1 midweek draw, Montreal's maestro connected with Portland's Alvas Powell in the back of the leg (video above). 

The challenge was deliberated for a few seconds by head referee Allen Champan and his crew and ultimately Piatti was shown a yellow card for the challenge.  

Following the game, MLS postgame protocol calls for a designated pool reporter to ask questions of the match referee in writing, if requested. When questioned about the call after the match, Chapman responded in writing that a red card would've been a more appropriate sanction.

Chapman noted, "On the field the referee crew deemed the tackle by Piatti to be a reckless tackle worthy of a caution."

But he admitted having a different opinion following another look.

"After reviewing the play, in our opinion the slow motion video reveals that a send-off for serious foul play was warranted," he wrote.

Piatti went on to score the 44th-minute equalizer for the Impact in the 1-1 final.