Dan Kennedy, Chivas USA

Major League Soccer announced on Friday that it will hold the Dispersal Draft for former Chivas USA players on Nov. 19, and that all 20 MLS franchises will have the opportunity to take part.

To determine the draft order, MLS will hold a random weighted draw on Nov. 14 using an envelope method. The system will be weighted by giving the 2014 playoff clubs a single envelope and giving the non-playoff clubs two envelopes. The random selections will be conducted by an MLS league office representative until each club has been appointed a draft position.

Orlando City SC and New York City FC will participate in the Dispersal Draft and be treated as 2014 non-playoff qualifying clubs in the weighting order.

The Dispersal Draft will be held via private teleconference call with representatives from each club, and clubs will be given one minute to determine their selection. The draft will conclude when all MLS clubs forego a selection.

MLS clubs acquiring Dispersal Draft players must take players at their full 2015 budget charges and options must be exercised, including any associated transfers or loans. If a team selects a player in the Dispersal Draft but leaves him unprotected ahead of the Expansion Draft on Dec. 10, he will be available for selection by either Orlando City or NYCFC at that time.

Players unselected during the Dispersal Draft will take part in the Re-Entry Draft, if eligible, or will be made available via the Waiver Draft on Dec. 10.

Chivas USA’s two Homegrown Players – Caleb Calvert and Marco Delgado – are both eligible for selection in the Dispersal Draft.

The league also confirmed that Chivas USA striker Erick "Cubo" Torres will not be subject to the Dispersal Draft while it continues to negotiate a long-term deal to keep the Mexican international in MLS.

The league also announced that all draft picks held by teams in the 2015 SuperDraft after previous trades with Chivas USA will he honored, and all picks held by Chivas USA will be deleted. All draft picks retained by Chivas USA for the 2016 SuperDraft will be deleted except for the team’s second-round pick traded to Columbus, which will be placed 11th in the 2016 draft order.