Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona - Close up

Lionel Messi coming to MLS has been considered a pipe dream for years now, but if there was ever a chance that one of soccer's greatest players could make a move stateside, it might be now.

The legendary Barcelona man is reportedly looking for an exit from the only club he's ever known after a shocking 8-2 demolition against Bayern Munich knocked them out of UEFA Champions League amid reports of deeper troubles at the club. And while the most likely move would be somewhere else in Europe, or perhaps in his native Argentina, you couldn't blame MLS fans for dreaming. Inter Miami CF part-owner David Beckham has also reportedly inquired about the possibility in the past.

With all respect to Beckham himself, as well as the legendary likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thierry Henry, it would be the splashiest move the league has ever seen. But is it even possible, or is it all destined to remain a fantasy? The Extratime crew debated exactly that, with host David Gass saying that while it remains unlikely, MLS clubs might not have another window to at least try and make it happen while Messi is playing at this level.

"If it's ever going to happen, and you're going to make waves with it, it's now," Gass said. "It's unexpected, and yes you do everything you can, and you get every eyeball in the world on MLS for whatever months you can. Do I think he's going to come? No. But now is your best opportunity you've ever had and potentially your best chance for two more years to get him in the league as well as, I think, right now you've just got to start picking the bones at Barcelona and see what else you can end up with and, who knows, maybe [Nelson] Semedo wants to come play for New York Red Bulls. Who knows? But you'll only know if you ask.

"You can't sign [Messi] at 33 year in four years. So, you kind of only have one shot at it."

Watch the whole segment below.