Inter Miami reveal they still have plenty of roster moves to come before MLS opener

Paul McDonough - Inter Miami - Presser

MIAMI — As Diego Alonso was unveiled as Inter Miami CF's first head coach on Wednesday, the club’s front office will be the first to admit that there are still plenty of questions when it comes to their roster. 

"We’re very happy with the squad so far," said sporting director Paul McDonough. "It’s no mistake that there is an equal amount of experience and youth in the team. The guys get along very well, so that’s good. The coaching style has been welcomed, which is good but we are well aware that we still have plenty of work to do in the coming weeks.”

Inter Miami, who will begin life in MLS at the home of 2019 Supporters' Shield winners LAFC on March 1, currently have 24 players on their roster, with 19-year-old Argentine winger Matias Pellegrini being the club’s only Designated Player. Considering co-owner David Beckham’s massive reputation in global soccer, the club's ambitions and Miami's reputation for star power, some had expected more big names to have come through the door by this point.

To that, Alonso had the following to say: “We have worked hard toward reaching the club’s goals. One of which, is to have a great roster. I am convinced we will have just that.

“Fans can rest assured that we will have a great team.” he continued. “I have a saying I constantly repeat to my children: They are certainly not the best kids in the world, that is for sure, however, there is no one else in the world who loves them more than I do. I apply this same philosophy toward my players.”

Inter Miami have been linked with some of the biggest names in global soccer for several months now, something that has caused amusement in the club's offices

“Unlike various other expansion teams, we have only linked to the elite," Managing Owner Jorge Mas said. "Sometimes I have to remind myself that we have not even played yet. I am curious to see how else we will be connected with in the coming months.”

Mas is right in that the new club has been associated with some of soccer's biggest names. Players like Sergio Aguero, Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez and David Silva have all been listed as possible candidates to play for the South Florida club.

So far the club's biggest names arrivals have been Pellegrini and fellow 19-year-old Argentina Julian Carranza. When asked for a clue as to whether the incoming players would be ready-made for the first team from day one or be long-term projects for the club, Alonso replied: “Every player in my team is meant to have an immediate impact.”

Mas outlined what the club was looking for to round out Miami's roster.

“We still have two Designated Player positions to fill," he said. "We are still building the team. You will see five or six players incorporated into the team in the coming weeks. We are less interested in the name of these players but more so in their character.”