Houston Dynamo fan couple gets surprise, feel-good ending to chemotherapy

Looking for a feel-good ending, one that’s sure to lift everyone’s spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Kelly Conner, a Houston Dynamo supporter whose story was previously covered in-depth on MLSsoccer.com, wrapped up her chemotherapy treatments to treat breast cancer. Upon leaving from the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dynamo defender Zarek Valentin and her husband Albert were there waiting.

Conner’s story previously went viral on social media, when she shared photos of her husband waiting outside the treatment building with a sign that read “I can't be with you but I'm here." The novel coronavirus ensured that he couldn’t appear in the room during her remaining chemo sessions.

“I definitely teared up in the moment," Kelly previously told MLSsoccer.com. The nurses did, too. "I felt a lot of love and appreciated everything he was doing.”

Valentin took notice on Twitter, and even offered to host the family for a match at BBVA Stadium. Now, after worrying what her future had in store, layered on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, Conner could do exactly that when MLS returns.

And to confirm: Our eyes are getting watery reading this, too.