FourFourTwo: More MLS clubs will follow NYCFC's eSports lead

Christopher Holly - NYCFC - eSports

It’s a safe bet that others will follow New York City FC’s lead in signing a professional eSports athlete to the club’s payroll, saccording to a feature from FourFourTwo's Jack Williams.

Although Christopher Holly -- who plays EA Sports’ FIFA Franchise -- is still the first such signing officially enlisted by an MLS club, the same demographic of people exposed to professional gaming is the same that clubs would be wise to target. Several are dipping their toes into the space, too, with Atlanta United and the Portland Timbers among the MLS clubs considering making a move into eSports. 

For more details on the growing movement -- which is far from an American phenomenon, with NYCFC's parent club Manchester City, Sporting Lisbon, Paris St. Germain, West Ham and Werder Bremen all having signed professional FIFA players -- check out Williams' piece.