Former NFL star Chad Ochocinco says he'd make Sporting Kansas City roster

Chad Ochocinco

With time often comes perspective.

What that perspective can tell you, however, depends on the person – especially in the case of former NFL star receiver and onetime Sporting Kansas City trialist Chad Ochocino.

The enigmatic 38-year-old, who last played in the NFL in 2012, still apparently holds lofty views of his soccer ability. He told ESPN on Thursday in an appearance to talk soccer that if he tried out again with Kansas City that this time he would make the team.

“Sporting KC is dope,” he said. “You know what, now, if I was able to get that trial with Sporting KC now, I would make the team.

“My touch and my skill has come back. I hadn’t played football in the past five years, and I’ve been playing back on the pitch the past five years.”

Ochocinco spent a week with Sporting during the NFL lockout in 2011, even making a 45-minute appearance in a reserve game (video above).

“I’m satisfied,” he said back then. “My dream has been answered – to be able to come onto the pitch and play for an MLS team. It doesn’t have to be against someone professional. Just to be out here was enough for me.”

Ochocinco, of course, wasn’t offered a contract by Sporting. We're not sure he'd land one this time around, either.