FC Cincinnati West End Stadium progressing as planned despite COVID-19 pandemic

Updated West End Stadium renderings - THUMB - FC Cincinnati

While firmly focused on the day-to-day of this year and managing the global pandemic, FC Cincinnati have eyes on the future. 

The club are set to open their brand new West End Stadium in 2021, with construction ongoing as their new home takes shape. Cincy are happy to report that construction is still rolling along as planned, with no hiccups despite the pandemic.

"Fortunately, the construction of the stadium is considered essential, so we've continued," chief operating officer Dennis Carroll told reporters on a video conference call. "There's been no scheduled timing issues to date. Our other concern is supply chain issues, that may pop up. But so far, we haven't seen any there. It's moving along." 

Here are the most updated renderings of the West End Stadium.

The $250 million West End Stadium will have a capacity between 25,500 to 26,000 fans and will use ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), a translucent material that, through LED lighting, can make the building glow and change colors. But in these unprecedented times filled with uncertainty, the club are keeping all options open.

One consideration is slightly altering how fans enter the building, trying to limit how much contact the ushers have with fans. 

"For us specifically, there are very few sports teams in our position where we're trying to plan for 2020, but more importantly, we're opening a stadium next year," Carroll said. "Trying to open it in this unknown economic climate. We're spending a lot of time strategizing, pivoting off of old plans trying to rationalize what this new economy will look like."

FCC are still in the process of selling sponsors at their new stadium, but that is hugely impacted with most of the country on hold and the economy slowed as a result. 

"We're still active in that area obviously, with the stadium opening in less than 12 months," Carroll said. "Businesses are slow-playing any major decisions at this point. We understand that, that's where relationships are ultimately going to win out. We're sensitive to each business' needs right now."