FC Cincinnati to lay down new turf ahead of inaugural MLS season

It’s new turf for FC Cincinnati’s historic new season.

FCC will open their first year in Major League Soccer with newly-laid turf, among other upgrades to Nippert Stadium.

The process, according to FC Cincinnati’s vice president of operations Dan McNally, started a month ago with the old turf rolled up and shipped out. In January the new, upgraded turf will be installed.

“With the turf we had for three years was good, it was good for the players and it was successful,” McNally said. “But we felt moving to Major League Soccer we needed to upgrade to a new, slightly different surface which will be up to Major League Soccer standards, but also will be really good for the University of Cincinnati’s football program, which was very important. I think everybody wins in this situation.”

McNally said the club’s previous players lounge will be the new locker room.

“It’s a good investment by the club and it will make our operation a little smoother and, again, up to Major League Soccer standards,” McNally said.

McNally said he expects the renovations to be complete by the end of February and the club will be able to train on the newly-laid turf before FCC’s home opener against the Portland Timbers on March 17.

FC Cincy will play at Nippert Stadium for two more seasons before the expected grand opening of the club’s West End stadium, which they broke ground on last week.