FC Cincinnati GK Spencer Richey to train at Crystal Palace

Spencer Richey - FC Cincinnati - Close up

FC Cincinnati announced on Friday that goalkeeper Spencer Richey will go on a 10-day training stint with Premier League club Crystal Palace.

The training period, scheduled to last from Oct. 28-Nov. 6, will give the 27-year-old a new opportunity in the offseason at a well-regarded English club.

“Crystal Palace is one of the best teams in the Premier League this year, so it’s going to be an amazing experience,” Richey said on the team website. “I’ll try to take the confidence that I have and take that over to England with me, and vice versa, I’ll try to take some things from those guys that I’m training with and the coaching staff and apply that towards next season.”

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Spencer,” FC Cincinnati head of goalkeeping Jack Stern said. “To go to a club that plays in the Premier League and to be able to train at that level for a period of a time will be great for Spencer and great for his development as a goalkeeper.”

Richey had a breakthrough season with FC Cincinnati in 2019. After previously serving as a backup for the Vancouver Whitecaps, he got the nod to start FC Cincy's run in MLS after projected starter Przemyslaw Tyton entered the season injured. All told, Richey made 19 appearances in regular-season play this season.

Crystal Palace are off to a stellar start in the Premier League this season, sitting in sixth place in the table through nine games.