ExtraTime Radio: Two thumbs up for Sounders' Will Bruin + fake MLS trades

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ExtraTime Radio: Two thumbs up for Sounders' Will Bruin + fake MLS trades -

LISTEN: Two thumbs up for MLS! And two thumbs up for Thursday's guest! That'd be Will Bruin, who had a meme-worthy moment last weekend and joins the guys to talk about his transition to Seattle, favorite locker-room personalities and the strikers he borrows from to improve his own game. Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode!

If you were watching the games – feel free to fill in the rest on your own – last weekend, you know all about Will Bruin's meme-worthy, two-thumbs up moment. With an MLS Cup rematch on the cards, the guys dial up the Dancing Bear to chat about his new digs in Seattle, the best lock-room characters he's been around and the strikers in MLS he admires.

The guys dig into big games in Minnesota and Atlanta, then take a look at the current standings to determine which teams are favorites, contenders and pretenders before turning to the Hot-Take Hotline. Listeners are split. Some love it, some hate it and some are using it as a way to get through months in the wilderness on the Appalachian Trail. No, really. Plus, fake MLS trades and more!

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