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ExtraTime Radio: Tactical deep dive with Timbers' Caleb Porter | CCL Fever -

LISTEN: Do you have CCL fever? You should. The tournament gets rolling with quarterfinals that include three MLS teams (Red Bulls, Whitecaps and FC Dallas) this week. The guys break it all down, then get Timbers' head coach Caleb Porter on the phone. The topic? Tactics in MLS. We'll guarantee you'll learn something from the Portland boss, who stops by to chat for more than half an hour!

After a long weekend, the guys are back at it sans Matt Doyle, who may never come back from Mexico. Know what’s also back? The CONCACAF Champions League. Do you have CCL Fever? Are there varying degrees of regional soccer anticipation? David’s not sure Andrew’s temperature is high enough as the Red Bulls and Whitecaps clash and FC Dallas take on Arabe Unido this week. What makes the tournament special? Who has an edge? Get caught up before quarterfinal first legs on Wednesday and Thursday.

In other news, Tommy Thompson’s backheel goal gets the hype train back on the tracks, but the guys want to know what other MLS hype trains are primed and ready to leave the station. Alphonso Davies, anyone? Plus, Toronto FC use TAM to sign an attacking midfielder who could get them over the MLS Cup hump, Adrian Heath says Kevin ‘Hot Boy’ Molino could be the league’s best player and David Villa gets slap happy.

In the second segment, Timbers coach Caleb Porter joins the guys for a must-listen interview that dives deep into MLS’s tactical identity. Listen as the Portland boss details his plans for 2017 and explains what makes a successful MLS team. There’s plenty more, too. What’s the best way to teach tactics to pros and youth players alike? What’s holding the league back in CCL? How has TAM affected rosters? What the next phase in his own coaching career?

In the mailbag, Andrew tells tales from his Minnesota trip, including a shout out to a young listener, a Soccer Tour helper asks for advice on convincing his wife to open their home to a soccer vagabond and a serviceman emails with a touching story about how soccer brought people together on the other side of the globe.

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