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ExtraTime Radio: David Beckham's Hall of Fame case | Chris Wondolowski 1v1 -

LISTEN: Does David Beckham belong in the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame? His case is more complicated than you might think. Wiebe and Doyle break it down, preview a weekend of rivalry matches then Chris Wondolowski stops by for MLS story time (Cali Clasico edition). Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode!

It was hard to miss David Beckham's name on U.S. Soccer's list of Hall of Fame nominees. But does he belong? With Dave hanging out in the UK, Andrew and Doyle grapple with the international superstar's place in the HoF. Beckham's case might surprise you. Then it's on to a rivalry heavy weekend featuring a Toronto FC sans Jozy and Seba, a Cascadia clash complete with timber-related trash talk and a tough choice for Oscar Pareja and FC Dallas. Plus, a closer look at Patrick Vieira's rapidly rising career

After the break, Andrew gives MLS and San Jose legend Chris Wondolowski a call to reminisce about the Cali Clasico. The 75th edition will go down on Saturday night in NorCal, and Wondo was a San Jose Clash then Earthquakes fan from the start. Go down memory lane as MLS's fourth all-time leading scorer tells stories about Landon Donovan's place as Judas in Quakes lore, wrestling matches between the Bash Brothers and so much more!

In the mailbag, Doyle assesses the US U-20's World Cup so far and takes a crack at predicting Bruce Arena's US roster for upcoming World Cup qualifiers before a emailer compares FC Dallas and Ajax in the wake of the Europa League final.

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