With Egypt flying high, it seems like everyone is doing a Bob Bradley documentary | THE SIDELINE

Bob Bradley with the Egyptian national team

Former US national team coach Bob Bradley had memorable moments in red, white and blue. But surely his time with Egypt dwarfs that strictly from a cultural perspective.

Amid incredible unrest and tragedy, Bradley embraced the Egyptian culture, living among the locals as he vies to bring the national team to the World Cup, a goal that may be the only thing that truly unites the fractured nation.

And he might just do it, too. Working through the political turmoil, revolutions and massacres in the country, he's has set up the national team with a viable chance to reach the World Cup with three straight qualifying wins.

Above you can check out a trailer for the documentary, American Pharaoh, which is made by Soura Films and give a glimpse into the daily life of Bradley in Egypt. A release date of the documentary has not yet been announced.

Bradley's players, such as Ahmed Elmohamady, see his vision and are backing him the whole way.

“Bob Bradley is such a professional and treats us as professionals and all the players are very comfortable with him," Elmohamady said in an interview with King Fut. "At first, the players weren’t used to this Western way of doing things, small things, like not wearing a cap while dining with the team and such things.

“He made sure to instill these disciplinary things in everyone. He told us at first that there are some things to get used to and now we are all on the same page. We’re doing well, touch wood and hopefully we’ll continue this way.

“He knows who are the pivotal players in the national team and he follows the league at home very closely. I don’t think we had that in the past, a coach who would go to the stadiums and scout the players himself and watch them himself. Every camp he brings in two or three different players to include in the squad and he’s the ultimate professional.”

Shout out to former MLS Insider Shawn Francis for finding yet another Bradley doc to share. This stuff simply doesn't get past his soccer radar.