The Call Up

Commissioner Don Garber explains what you need to know as MLS returns to play

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MLS is Back as all 26 teams are set to resume the season in Orlando, starting with a tournament that will begin July 8 and culminating with an August 11 final. MLS Commissioner Don Garber discusses logistics, the commitment to keeping Black Lives Matter at the forefront and why the league has long supported peaceful protests — including taking a knee during National Anthems. Plus, what does the rest of 2020 hold for MLS? Join Don, Jillian & Susannah for a conversation you don’t want to miss.

  • 0:00 MLS is Back!
  • 0:50 Welcome in Commissioner Don Garber
  • 1:11 World Cup style format & dates
  • 2:47 Safety of Players & Staff
  • 5:32 TV Optics taken to next level in absence of fans
  • 6:45 How MLS will address address racial inequality & social injustice
  • 12:02 What Commissioner Garber says he’s learned
  • 14:40 MLS & Garber reiterating their stance on kneeling: “...we support them”
  • 17:00 After Orlando
  • 24:35 Susannah and Jillian discuss the tournament
  • 29:55 Call Up Cares
  • 31:53 Books for educating yourself about racial inequality


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