Charlotte MLS expansion club to reveal name, crest and colors at 11 am ET

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Charlotte’s MLS expansion team, which will kick off its inaugural season in 2022, will unveil its club name, crest and colors on Wednesday, July 22 as part of a live event (watch stream below).

The show, hosted by Tiffany Blackmon and Ryan Bailey, begins at 11 am ET and will be streamed on the club's web site, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels.

When it comes to the club's name, Charlotte shared a list of seven potential names back on July 13. Over the week that followed, names that were not in the running were crossed off the list: All Carolina FC, Charlotte Fortune FC and Charlotte Monarchs FC. It left the following five candidates:

The expansion side also recently made their first player signing, announcing the acquisition of 25-year-old Spanish midfielder Sergio Ruiz on July 8.