Best rivalry in MLS? Alexi Lalas says it's Red Bulls vs. NYCFC

Alexi Lalas in 2014

Which rivalry is the biggest in MLS?

Which MLS rivalry is the best?

Your answer may depend on where your allegiances lie, of course, but FOX's Alexi Lalas may have made a surprising choice to some during Sunday's broadcast of New York City's win over the Portland Timbers.

Lalas said New York Red Bulls-New York City FC was best, and after announcing partner John Strong asked if it was bigger than Portland Timbers-Seattle Sounders, the former defender explained his reasoning.

"Yeah, yeah I think so," Lalas said. "And I’ll sell you the scene: because of where these two teams are. Red Bulls horrible performance this weekend, so much so that Dax McCarty apologized for it. They get a chance midweek [vs. Chicago Fire] to possibly make up or at least head in the right direction.

"And then look, it’s a battle for New York. And NYCFC came into this league screaming and yelling and making a lot of noise. The Red Bulls have been there for a while. The Red Bulls have had their number. This result right here certainly is going to help them going forward in terms of that confidence coming up against the Red Bulls next weekend."

So now it's your turn to decide. Is the New York rivalry the best in MLS? Does another one rise above it? Take your pick.