Best of MLS Hair 2015

Dom Oduro's hair, Aug 2015

In a sport where the uniform is as standard as soccer, hairstyles are a way for players to show some personality. There were some notable candidates for Best Hair of 2015, with a familiar face leading the way.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorites – as voted by the editorial staff – detailed below.'s Best Hair of 2015

Hair of the Year: Dominic Oduro's versatile styles

Know Dominic Oduro, know his chameleon-like ability to transform his hair. The striker, with the Montreal Impact in 2015, of course integrated his team colors into his style once more, as well as the colors of the Ghanaian flag in his mohawk.

Best of MLS Hair 2015 -

He also etched a star, no doubt in honor of Ghana's "Black Stars" into the side of his head.

Best of MLS Hair 2015 -

This is a man who once etched a slice of pizza in his head, so we know that nothing is off limits for Oduro and his hair.

Honorable Mention: Kei Kamara's top-stalk

What do you do if your hair is getting longer, but you're not ready to get it cut? If you're Columbus Crew SC forward Kei Kamara, you transform your freely moving dreadlocks into a tidy stalk atop your head.

Best of MLS Hair 2015 -

A variation of the "man bun" trend that swept MLS circles in 2015, Kamara's look is functional and fashion-forward all at once.

Honorable Mention: Lee Nguyen's blonde bounce

Lee Nguyen has not been afraid to try some different styles over the years, but he brought a whole new level of hair ambition in 2015. Eschewing the long styles of the past, Nguyen kept it high and tight, with a little length on top. He bleached the top section blonde. But what made Nguyen's look distinctive was the flexibility, the bounce, the joie de vivre of the blonde part. 

Best of MLS Hair 2015 -

Some may call it a "troll-like" look, after the figurines that were massively popular in the 1990s, but rest assured, that's meant in the most positive way possible.