Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski talks potential MLS move, Alphonso Davies' "amazing potential"

Robert Lewandowski - Bayern Munich - July 20, 2019

Ahead of Bayern Munich's Champions League win over Lazio in the Round of 16, the team's prolific striker Robert Lewandowski took part in a wide-ranging interview with CBS Sports that hit on a couple of topics that will pique the interest of MLS fans.

The Poland international was asked by Aaron West about whether he could follow his former Bayern teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger, who was with the Chicago Fire from 2017 to 2019, and several of his Polish compatriots in one day making a move to MLS itself. It might be too early to begin dreaming up which team he should join, however, with Lewandowski making clear his mind remains focused on Bayern, for now.

"Playing in the USA? I don't know because I don't know what does it mean for me and when," he said. "For sure, I know a lot about the MLS because a few Polish players and also German players was playing there, and they talk to me about the life but also about MLS and they make every year a step up. It means they want to be better and I don't know what does it mean exactly for me but I would say I'm very happy to be [at Bayern] and I don't think about so long future."

Lewandowski also gave some information on Bayern's locker room dynamic, name-dropping ex-Vancouver Whitecaps homegrown Alphonso Davies as one of the team's funniest players. He also shared details on his relationship with his younger teammate.

"He's very young but he's very fun and he's always positive," Lewandowski said. "Sometimes, of course, I have to push him because I know if you are the young player — maybe not the young boy, he's already 20 — I know he has amazing potential and I know that he has to work hard as well because talent is not enough, and he knows that."