22 Under 22

22 Under 22: Who made the fans' list for 2019?

22 Under 22 - 2019 - Fan Vote

The 2019 22 Under 22 is here! Well, almost. This week, MLSsoccer.com will reveal the annual ranking of the top young players in MLS, selected by a panel of experts, which includes MLS Media staff, two current MLS players, six anonymous technical staffers around the league, and league representatives.

The official results will be coming down on Tuesday and Wednesday, but to get us warmed up, we asked you how you would vote for the 2019 22 Under 22 and here's the results. 13 teams across the league are represented, with the majority of those teams having more than one player. The leading team in the fan vote? FC Dallas, with four players making the grade in the eyes of the fans.

Fan Vote - 22 Under 22

  1. Barco, Ezequiel (ATL)
  2. Rossi, Diego (LAFC)
  3. Cannon, Reggie (DAL)
  4. Pomykal, Paxton (DAL)
  5. Aaronson, Brenden (PHI)
  6. Busio, Gianluca (SKC)
  7. Brian Rodríguez (LAFC)
  8. Toye, Mason (MIN)
  9. Mihailovic, Djordje (CHI)
  10. Álvarez, Efrain (LA)
  11. Castellanos, Valentín (NYC)
  12. Ferreira, Jesús (DAL)
  13. Trusty, Auston (COL)
  14. Sands, James (NYC)
  15. McKenzie, Mark (PHI)
  16. Moutinho, João (ORL)
  17. Lappalainen, Lassi (MTL)
  18. Danilo Acosta (ORL)
  19. Bassett, Cole (COL)
  20. Bello, George (ATL)
  21. Servania, Brandon (DAL)
  22. Amaya, Frankie (CIN)

The Extratime crew also had their say, debating who should be No. 1 on this year's list in Monday's episode: