eMLS - 2020 - power rankings - Jan 8

FC Cincinnati's Fiddle stays top, but big shakeups below | eMLS Power Rankings

MLSsoccer.com will be tracking the progress of all eMLS gamers around each eMLS event throughout the year. Ahead of the rescheduled eMLS Cup presented by CocaCola and PlayStation on June 26 and 28, we've re-visited the eMLS Power Rankings presented by PlayStation. There's still no change in the No. 1 spot, but after plenty of action in the eMLS Tournament Special and elsewhere over the past couple months, there was a big shakeup below the top spots.

Rankings are voted on by eMLS staff, reflecting gamers' performance both in eMLS events and on the wider pro FIFA circuit, with blurbs written by MLSsoccer.com's eMLS correspondent, Jake Barford.


1. Fiddle (Gordon Thornsberry)

Previous Rank: #1 (no change)

The back-to-back League Series champ comes in at number one in our eMLS Power Rankings. Fiddle will look to pick up the momentum that was cut short when eMLS Cup was postponed a few months back, though he did win his only matchup of the eMLS Tournament Special. It will also be interesting to see how Fiddle fares in an at-home environment as he was so used to thriving on the big stage. 


2. Paulo Neto

Previous Rank: #2 (no change)

A new face to eMLS in 2020, Paulo Neto comes in as one of the most well-rounded FIFA players in the competition. He also has perhaps the most momentum, having partnered up with Franco Escobar to win the eMLS Tournament Special, and establishing himself as a legitimate threat to Fiddle's treble chase. He will be playing out of Brazil, while most all other eMLS players are playing out of the USA or Canada, so keep an eye out for potential connection issues, but Neto is clearly one of the players to watch Sunday.


3. Didychrislito (Christopher Holly)

Previous Rank: T-3 (no change)

Didychrislito comes in at 37th in the world and has the No. 3 seed at eMLS Cup. He clearly has the talent, coming in as the first-ever eChampions League winner and runner-up at last year's eMLS Cup, but has yet to claim a piece of eMLS silverware. Given a first round bye, he will face the winner of the RemiMartinn and Godfather showdown. A favorable draw for Chris gives him a great chance to make the semifinal, where his biggest challenge will await, quite possibly Paulo Neto.


4. Adamou (George Adamou)

Previous Rank: #8 (up 4)

Another new face to eMLS in 2020, George Adamou replaced Mike Labelle as the face of gaming for the Red Bulls. Adamou had a well above average first season and in eMLS Cup has to go through Alekzandur in round one, followed up by none other than Fiddle if he were to win that game. Coming in at number 43 in the world, George knows what it’s like to play in big moments like this. Expect big things from him come Sunday despite a tough draw.


5. RemiMartinn (Martin Oregel)

Previous Rank: T-3 (down 2)

RemiMartinn gets the pleasure of taking on the winner of the Last Chance Bracket in round one of eMLS Cup. As someone who has had success on the pitch, playing college soccer for East Los Angeles College, Remi looks to gain his first major trophy on the virtual pitch by winning eMLS Cup after a strong series of showings in earlier eMLS events and a run the eMLS Tournament Special semifinals.


6. Alekzandur (Alexander Betancourt)

Previous Rank: #11 (up 5)

A former eWorld Cup participant and an original member of eMLS two years ago, Alekzandur made his return this season for Sporting KC and will have the number 9 seed at eMLS Cup. He received votes as high as third in Power Rankings after a strong performance in the eMLS Tournament Special, and as low as his previous rank of 11. Look for Alekzandur to prove some skeptics wrong on Sunday. 


7. Doolsta (Cormac Dooley)

Previous Rank: #9 (up 2)

A year ago today, Doolsta was sitting comfortably with three eMLS trophies from 2019. Today he is just trying to salvage one from this season. There were massive expectations from the three-time champ heading into this 2020 season, which he hasn't lived up to. Heading into eMLS Cup he has arguably one of the toughest draws, having to face PhilB94 in round one and then Paulo Neto if he wins his first match. Still, as the most successful player in eMLS history, it’s hard to put anything past Doolsta. Expect each game he plays to be competitive until the end. 


8. PhilB94 (Phil Balke)

Previous Rank: #6 (down 2)

After being unable to participate in eMLS Cup in 2019, PhilB94 is coming back this season looking to prove a point. A top-four player in the world at the eWorld Cup in 2017, PhilB94 is one of the most experienced players in the tournament. Facing Doolsta in round one will be no easy task, and if he is successful in winning eMLS Cup Sunday, he will most definitely have earned it after navigating a tough route to the final.


9. Godfather (Giuseppe Guastella)

Previous Rank: #5 (down 4)

Giuseppe Guastella. The Godfather of eMLS and FIFA esports. With more experience than any other player in the tournament, Guastella comes in as the No. 6 overall seed for eMLS Cup. A matchup awaits against RCTID_Thiago of the the Portland Timbers in the first round of the competition with the winner facing the daunting task of matching up with NYC Chris.


10. exraa (Alex Gonzalez-Aldana)

Previous Rank: #7 (down 3)

The No. 4 overall seed at eMLS Cup comes in at 10th in our Power Rankings, with his break including a narrow loss to PhilB94in the eMLS Tournament Special. Exraa will be looking to prove the doubters wrong Sunday with good odds as he has a somewhat favorable draw in playing the winner of RemiMartinn and the Last Chance team in his first game.


11. BITW18 II (Enrique Espinoza)

Previous Rank: #12 (up 1)

BITW18 ll comes in as the favorite to win the Last Chance Bracket. He hung with Fiddle in the eMLS Tournament Special, but now three games separate him from playing RemiMartinn in eMLS Cup. The Chicago native has had experience playing FIFA since 2005 and will be looking to use his longtime knowledge of the game to take home the crown Sunday. 


12. RCTID Thiago (Edgar Guerrero)

Previous Rank: #10 (down 2)

RCTID_Thiago was the final player to have a guaranteed spot at eMLS Cup after he snuck away with the 11th seed. He is definitely not one of the favorites to win, but is coming off a stellar performance at eMLS League Series Two, which he is hoping plays to his favor during eMLS Cup


13. KingCJ0 (Mohamed Diop)

Previous Rank: #13 (no change)

Just barely missing the top 11 cut to automatically make eMLS Cup, KingCJ0 now has to go through the wringer and win three consecutive games to have a shot at the eMLS crown. The good news for Diop is he has the easiest route to get there and is almost a shoe-in to make the final of the Last Chance Qualifier.


14. Kid M3mito (Guillermo Trevino)

Last Week: #14 (no change)

From eMLS Cup Champion in 2018, to the bottom half of the league in 2020. Kid M3mito has seen better days and is looking to prove he still belongs among the best in eMLS. Taking on Jay Ajayi in game one of the Last Chance Qualifier means an almost guaranteed win. After that, some tough matchups await.


15. Gonzo (Brandan Gonzales)

Previous Rank: #14 (down 1)

Gonzo replaced BuckArmy this year in eMLS for the Colorado Rapids. He has come in and made immediate improvements from the last few Rapids eMLS seasons, but hasn't excelled the way he might have hoped. The Last Chance Qualifier might just be what he's been waiting for to make himself known. 


16. FIFA Abe (Abe Valbuena)

Previous Rank: #16 (no change)

FIFA Abe has always been consistent with his game, but has never been able to step up in the big moments for Orlando. He has still been one of the most entertaining and vocal players in the league, making him a fun player for any fan to watch. This could be his year as the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier will be put in a good position to make a run with a favorable matchup in the final bracket.


17. mehdibob3 (Mehdi Benghalem)

Previous Rank: #17 (no change)

Yet another new face to eMLS, Mehdibob3 is learning the ropes of eMLS and isn't necessarily a favorite to win the Last Chance Qualifier. Luckily for him, with the gap in between League Series Two and eMLS Cup, he has had plenty of time to improve his game in FIFA 20, playing eMLS opposition nearly every week, and this could be the tournament we see him make a run. 


18. Young - H (Hector Valenzuela)

Last Week: #18 (no change)

Young-H has been playing FIFA since he was 13 and this week will have a chance to win the first trophy for Austin FC. The odds are low, especially now that he isn't playing in front of his hometown crowd, but he is hoping he can run through the teams in the Last Chance Qualifier and take the trophy back to Texas.


19. CaliSCG (Alan Ortega)

Previous Rank: #20 (up 1)

Another lower seed looking to prove himself in eMLS. CaliSCG hasn't been able to find much success in eMLS over the years, but he was a participant at eMLS Cup last year. Although he lost to Portland in round one that time around, his previous eMLS Cup and Last Chance Bracket experience could be key to his success Sunday. 


20. i9ibbs (Ihab Abualneel)

Previous Rank: #22 (up 2)

Born and raised in Dallas, i9ibbs replaced a very strong AlanAvi this season as the FC Dallas eMLS player. Unsuccessful at League Series One and Two in 2020, i9ibbs wants to prove to his city he is the right man for the job by taking home the trophy. He’s not a favorite, but he is a man on a mission with his hometown backing him. 


21. JKO (John Oliveira)

Previous Rank: #23 (up 2)

John Oliveira, also known as JKO, comes in as the 23rd seed at eMLS Cup after failing to win a game at League Series Two. But matching up against mehdibob3 in the first round of the Last Chance Qualifier, he has a good chance of stealing one against the higher seed, which could help him gain some momentum to make a run at the trophy. 


22. Crew96Skamzz (Graham Ellix)

Previous Rank: #21 (down 1)

Columbus Crew SC haven't seen much success in eMLS over its three years. Still, Crew96Skamzz is back competing for the Black-and-Gold with an eye on turning things around. As a man who has played FIFA since 2008, he has the experience, but will he be able to hang with some of the young guns who have been dominating all season? 


23. TheMarsBars (Nick Mars)

Previous Rank: #19 (down 4)

Like the Sounders, TheMarsBars knows a thing or two about winning tournaments. To get the job as the eMLS player for Seattle, he had to beat out some of the best in the city. This time around at eMLS Cup, he will have to beat stiffer competition. If Nick Mars wins, it’ll be one for the record books in Seattle. 


24. Jay Adams

Previous Rank: #24 (no change)

Minnesota United vs. the Colorado Rapids will be the first round matchup we see for Jay Adams at the Last Chance Qualifier. Adams has many years of FIFA experience, but much of his success has come as a Pro Clubs player, and not as much in eMLS like many of his opponents competing for the final spot. 


25. JAYTRAIN (Jay Ajayi)

Previous Rank: #25 (no change)

Coming in at dead last in our Power Rankings is former NFL Super Bowl winner Jay Ajayi. The man with zero wins in his first two eMLS competitions would be happy with just a goal or two in his Last Chance game against Kid_M3mito, but you never know what might happen.