The Call Up: Friendsgiving with The Cooligans

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Pull up a beach chair, grab a fruity beverage and join the ladies for some jam-packed offseason fun! Jillian Sakovits and Susannah Collins recap their journeys to new MLS cities Miami, where David Beckham apologized to Jill, and Nashville.

Are you here for the New York Red Bulls overhaul? The new Chicago Fire FC? And some new rivalries!? The Cooligans stop by to set their hilarious MLS Thanksgiving table. Who is the gravy? Who’s the jello salad? And the ladies take them on in a round of “Speak Out".

  • Jill's trip to Miami/Where’s David Beckham - 01:15-03:03
  • Susannah goes to Nashville - 03:04-03:54
  • Here for Nashville ATL rivalry - 04:48-06:19
  • David Beckham apologizes - 06:20-07:17
  • Here for Chicago Fire FC!? - 07:20-09:53
  • Here for RBNY overhaul? - 09:55-11:42
  • Here for Turtlenecks?? - 11:44-13:44
  • The Cooligans join the show/Speak Out - 13:50-16:06
  • Their new show on FUBO - 16:10-22:36
  • What MLS moment took you by surprise? - 23:00-23:26
  • Funniest Moment? - 23:29-25:16
  • What MLS moment angered them most? - 25:17-26:05
  • What are they thankful for? - 26:06-28:00
  • We set our MLS Thanksgiving table - 28:00-33:24
  • Have we lost a major demographic!?/Happy Thanksgiving! - 33:24-36:06


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