eMLS - 2019 - 24 hours of FIFA 20

eMLS, MLS WORKS to stream 24 hours of FIFA 20 in support of Kick Childhood Cancer

As part of September’s Kick Childhood Cancer program, eMLS is teaming up with MLS WORKS to host a very special event on Tuesday, Sept. 24 – the hotly-anticipated pre-release date for FIFA 20.

Dubbed “24 Hours of FIFA 20,” it’s a charity stream featuring eMLS players to enlist the gaming community in the KCC campaign while also providing sneak peeks of game play. eMLS players representing 19 MLS clubs will each stream for a certain duration from their local location, and once they’re done, they will hand it over to the next eMLS player to stream, and so on until the 24 hours are complete.

You can start donating now!

When eMLSers reach certain donation milestones, they will be performing various tasks. Some of these include playing a full game blindfolded, bleach their hair or eat a habañero pepper. Donations will only count towards the respective eMLS player’s promotional milestones while that eMLS player is live-streaming. You will need to donate through the this link in order for it to be counted/tracked against the milestones.

As eMLS players play the newest edition of the iconic game, they will call on viewers to donate to Children’s Oncology Group, talk about Kick Childhood Cancer, MLS WORKS and more, with Twitch extensions offering easy donation transactions.

The world’s largest organization devoted exclusively to childhood and adolescent cancer research, COG unites more than 10,000 experts in childhood cancer at more than 200 leading children’s hospitals around the world.

See below for the full schedule of eMLS gamers on Tuesday.

Streaming Schedule*

Start End Club eMLS Gamer
6:00 PM ET 7:15 PM ET FC Dallas AlanAvi
7:15 PM ET 8:31 PM ET Houston Kid M3mito
8:31 PM ET 9:47 PM ET LA Galaxy GGGodfather-
9:47 PM ET 11:03 PM ET NYCFC NYC Chris
11:03 PM ET 12:19 AM ET Portland RCTID_Thiago
12:19 AM ET 1:34 AM ET Toronto FC PhilB94
1:34 AM ET 2:50 AM ET Colorado BuckArmy
2:50 AM ET 4:06 AM ET Seattle TheMarsBars
4:06 AM ET 5:22 AM ET Vancouver Skill Shack
5:22 AM ET 6:38 AM ET Sporting KC SKC Cissé
6:38 AM ET 7:53 AM ET Philadelphia J Is For Jeff
7:53 AM ET 9:09 AM ET Columbus CrewSC GE8
9:09 AM ET 10:25 AM ET Montreal LyesMTL
10:25 AM ET 11:41 AM ET FC Cincinnati FCC Fiddle
11:41 AM ET 12:57 PM ET NY Red Bulls Mike LaBelle
12:57 PM ET 2:12 PM ET D.C. United Renatogz05
2:12 PM ET 3:28 PM ET Chicago BITW18 II
3:28 PM ET 4:44 PM ET Orlando FIFA_Abe
4:44 PM ET 6:00 PM ET New England JKO1707

* = Streaming schedule is subject to change.

The donation program is only available to residents of the United States and Canada (except Prince Edward Island) (the “Eligible Territories”). Any funds received from residents outside the Eligible Territories may be retained by the Children’s Oncology Group Foundation, Inc. but will not be counted as part of the program. The Children’s Oncology Group Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that directs resources to support childhood and adolescent cancer research. Major League Soccer will not retain any portions of the funds received. Tiltify may deduct a transaction fee, calculated as a percentage of the funds received, which can be up to 5%. The fee is deducted by a third-party payment processor or by the cause owner; you will not see the fee as a surcharge. The official registration and financial information of The Children's Oncology Group Foundation, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Le programme de don s’adresse uniquement aux résidents des États-Unis et du Canada (à l’exception de l’île du Prince-Édouard) (les « Territoires admissibles »). Les éventuels fonds reçus de personnes ne résidant pas dans les Territoires admissibles pourront être conservés par la Children’s Oncology Group Foundation, Inc. mais ne seront pas comptabilisés dans le cadre du programme. La Children’s Oncology Group Foundation est un organisme caritatif public aux termes de la règle 501(c)(3) qui attribue des fonds à la recherche sur les cancers des enfants et des adolescents. La Major League Soccer ne conservera aucune portion des fonds recueillis. Tiltify pourra déduire des frais de transaction calculés au prorata des fonds recueillis à hauteur de 5 % maximum. Lesdits frais seront déduits par le service de traitement des paiements ou par l’organisme caritatif; ils ne s’ajouteront pas au montant du don. Le numéro d’enregistrement et les coordonnées financières de la Children's Oncology Group Foundation, Inc. peuvent être obtenus en appelant sans frais le Département d’État de Pennsylvanie au 1-800-732-0999. L’enregistrement n’implique pas l’approbation.