Reggie Cannon shrugs off strep throat to score for FC Dallas

Reggie Cannon entered Saturday's game for FC Dallas a question mark. Then he scored a goal.

And he did it all with strep throat and a sinus infection.

A few minutes after scoring the go-ahead goal to make it 3-2 against Minnesota United at Toyota Stadium, Cannon revealed to the Dallas broadcast at halftime that he was quite sick but was soldiering on with a famous sick game in mind.

"Now that I'm finally on the field I can admit I have strep throat and a sinus infection, but that never stopped Michael Jordan, you know," Cannon said with a smile as he breathed heavily. Cannon was referencing Jordan's famous "flu game," when the NBA superstar famously played in an NBA finals game in 1997 despite suffering from a stomach flu, and scored 38 points.

Cannon's goal on Saturday was his first of the season, as he took a feed from Michael Barrios on a direct run into the box and finished with determination.

In the end, Dallas survived to win 5-3, and Cannon played the full 90 in the victory.