Vela, Lodeiro or someone else: Who has been fouled most in MLS this season?

After runaway MLS Golden Boot leader and early MVP frontrunner Carlos Vela was fouled eight times in LAFC's 3-2 win over the Portland Timbers, head coach Bob Bradley was not happy. 

Despite the win, Bradley sounded off in attempt to protect his star, who he feels is getting unfair treatment.

“We’re not naive. We understand that teams are going to have a hard way to play against us, are going to try to make it hard,” Bradley said. “[But] when’s the last time you saw [Lionel] Messi get mauled the way Carlos got mauled tonight? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where Messi got mauled like that."

Does Bradley have a point? Is Vela being unfairly targeted?

Vela has been fouled second-most in MLS this season (47), behind only Nico Lodeiro (56), but he isn't atop the fouls per 90 minutes list, minimum 500 minutes.

Player Fouls per 90 Minutes
Sebastian Saucedo 4.29 587
Nico Lodeiro 4.06 1,242
Ezequiel Barco 3.55 557
Paxton Pomykal 3.53 688
Jacori Hayes 3.49 567
Pedro Santos 3.33 1,243
Sam Nicholson 3.29 520
Latif Blessing 3.21 1,288
Maxi Moralez 3.04 948
Carlos Vela 2.96 1,429

Last season, Vela was 5th in total fouls (80) and 9th in fouls per 90 minutes (2.92), with Lodeiro tied atop both lists. 

Will Bradley's words change how Vela is monitored by referees? 

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