Armchair Analyst: One big question for the Montreal Impact

A Big Question: Will Maxi Urruti finally show some shot discipline?

"Shot discipline" is exactly what it sounds like: There are good shots to take, and bad shots to take, and a disciplined attacker knows which is which.

Urruti is not a disciplined attacker. He is a firehose with a hair trigger who shoots as soon as he's within 35 yards of goal and has a yard of space.

This is not a good effort. This is a let-off and a turnover:

He does this all the time on counterattacks, and that will be a big problem if it continues in Montreal, because the Impact need to feast on the counter – for years it's been their only reliable way of putting goals on the board. If Urruti doesn't do the fundamentally correct things (which mostly include 1) pulling defenders away from Ignacio Piatti, and 2) making hard, diagonal runs for one-touch finishes in the box), he will gum up the works.

And if he gums up the works, the Impact are in big trouble.

They made a big bet on Urruti, trading for him and then signing him to a TAM deal. He brings a lot to the table with his defensive presence, workrate and set-piece delivery. They've got to make sure he doesn't take much off of it on the counter.