Atlanta United supporters, R. Land unveil 1996 Olympics-inspired tifo

It's sometimes said that soccer in the United States can be a sports for hipsters. While that point may be debatable, a tifo revealed around MLS on Saturday showed off a deep cut for a national audience.

Atlanta United FC fans showed off a tifo that in the middle said "We R United!" And there's some trash talk regarding the foodstuff of Canadian bacon. The rest of it? See for yourself.

Both figures in the tifo are figures drawn by notable Atlanta artist R. Land, whose work can be seen in galleries, street corners and internet memes all over the place.

The figure on the right is R. Land's take on Izzy, the mascot of the 1996 Summer Olympics, which was of course hosted in Atlanta.

You can find more of R. Land's work on his website. And you should be able to find more tifo, and maybe even learn something about a local MLS community, at the next match.