ExtraTime Radio: Six straight Ws for Orlando City, but are they "good"?

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Two months into the MLS season, and we're still trying to figure which teams are actually good, which are going fall back down to earth, which have had bum luck and which were out of the race before it even started.

On this episode, the guys try to answer those questions, then dig into the red-dominated NY Derby, Peter Vermes' extension in Kansas City, Orlando City's winning streak against subpar opposition and Seattle's stinker at home following a tough week.

Time Segment
3:51 Red Wedding, Part 2 in NY Derby
14:32 Peter Vermes’ extension and SKC’s future
28:36 Are Orlando City actually good?
34:10 San Jose’s season gets worse
36:20 Zlatan doesn't hold back
43:21 GAM, TAM and Sam Stejskal
47:50 Is stratification happening in MLS?
55:20 World Cup effect is coming
57:52 ExtraTime Mailbag
1:05:38 $100 million transfers in MLS?



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