MLS once again the most diverse league in North America

With players from 67 different countries featuring on 2017 opening day rosters, Major League Soccer is once again the most diverse league by birthplace in North America.

It’s no surprise that the US is represented more than any other country, with 288 players born in the States currently in the league. Canada is next closest, with 28 players from the Great White North on an MLS roster. Argentina, long a serious producer of MLS talent, is up next with 24 players currently in the league, while England (22 players) and Ghana (16) round out the top-five birth countries of MLS players.

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While MLS is truly an international affair, the bulk of its players do come from the US. California is far and away the state that produces the most players, with 61 current MLS players hailing from the Golden State, 35 more than runner-up Texas, which has 26 players in the league. Eighteen MLS players were born in New York, one more than fourth-place New Jersey and just two ahead of fifth-place Ohio.

Somewhat surprisingly, only eight MLS players were born in Florida, with 12 states producing more MLS players than the Sunshine State, the third-largest state in the US by population.

In Canada, Ontario leads the way with 16 players born in the province, while Quebec has produced six MLS players. Alberta and Manitoba have produced three players each, while only one player currently in the league was born in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia, home of the Vancouver Whitecaps. 

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Latin America and Spain are both well-represented in the league, as well, with 115 current MLS players born in Central or South America or in Spain. Argentina leads the way with 24 current MLS players, followed by Brazil (14), Colombia (13) and Central American nations Costa Rica (13) and Honduras (10).