FC Dallas center back Matt Hedges tries to fight off an attacker
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Fantasy Boss: FC Dallas, Vancouver Whitecaps players good bet for Round 4

The first double game week is now here and I have to say that with all of the missing and injured players, it's tough to find players you want on your team. The only upside is that since this round will be played over two weeks, many of the players who currently have red exclamation points by their names will return by the second week. So for this round, I’ve tried to highlight some of the best DGW options, but also include some single game week players who are worth considering.


Stay the Course: With so many players leaving due to international call-ups, many MLS Fantasy managers may be considering bringing in a new keeper for the DGW, but I don’t think this is necessary. In the long run, most starting keepers score in a similar point range so if you have a starter, just stick with who you have and use the trade for your field players.

DGW Option: If you are set on having a DGW keeper in your starting XI for Round 4 then I’d go with David Ousted ($5.9m). It’s true that Vancouver may be missing two starting defenders, but as the only DGW team with two home games, they have the best chance for clean sheets.


Top Dog: If you are ready to spend big on a DGW defender, then Matt Hedges ($8.9m) is the one to get. Yes, Dallas is missing several players to call-ups, but most will be back before the end of the round so Hedges will have a good chance for at least one clean sheet, possibly two if D.C. United continue to have problems scoring.

2nd Chance: New England may have been disappointing last week, but don’t let that result turn you off from their players for this DGW. The Revs have several good defender options, but with both New York teams missing key defenders this round, Chris Tierney’s ($7.9m) attacking potential could result in extra offensive points.

SGW Pick: With Sporting KC being the only undefeated team left in MLS, their defenders are becoming attractive picks and Chance Myers ($6.6m) tops my list as one of the best value options. The game against Real Salt Lake does provide the chance for a fourth clean sheet but Myers’ true value is his attacking potential, which expands his ability to generate bonus points and has already paid off with an assist.


Must Have: Regardless of if you prefer to use form or fixtures for making your picks, both should point to Pedro Morales ($10.8m) as being one of the few “must have” players for this round. He’s scored three goals in his last two games and Vancouver is the only DGW team with two home games. This is a great combination and a possible captain contender.

DGW Punt: D.C. has had a rough start to 2016 but the weakened Dallas defense could provide them with the scoring opportunities they need to turn things around. If this happens, then Lamar Neagle ($7.5m) has an excellent chance of being involved.

SGW Option: It’s not often you find a player who can earn eight points from a Round without scoring a goal or earning an assist but that’s exactly what you get with Diego Valeri ($10.3m). His bonus point production is fantastic and when combined with a favorable match, he is a single game week player who is definitely worth looking at.


DGW Target: If you are going to bring in one forward this round then Maximiliano Urruti ($8.5m) is the one to get. He’s scored two goals in three games, has been developing a good connection with Mauro Diaz (who is also still available to play this round), and will free up a lot of cash if you’re downgrading a big name forward.

Slow Start: If you are willing to take a chance on a forward who has started slow this season, then consider Vancouver's Octavio Rivero ($8.3m). He’s yet to score a goal, but his two home games give him the best chance of the season to change that especially if he can connect with Morales.

These are some of the players who I think will do well in Round 4, who are you targeting? If you are interested in more charts and tips, check out the latest posts, stats, and charts over at MLS Fantasy Boss and the other MLS Fantasy Experts.