Which players are the best value in the new MLS Fantasy Manager scoring format?

So far this week the MLS Fantasy experts and myself have shed light on the ways the changes to the game give managers more spending cash, and players more opportunities to rack up points. Ultimately, these changes mean a shift in the way players are valued.

What this week’s articles showed us is there are a glut of defensive players currently undervalued in the game. Let’s take a look at the adjusted figures from last year and do some quick math to get a quick and dirty points per dollar value.

10 MLS Fantasy players with best value

Player Adjusted Total Current Price Value (per $)
Giovinco (TOR) 292 $11.5 25.5
Powell (POR) 162 $7.5 21.6
McCarty (NY) 194 $9.0 21.5
Laba (VAN) 146 $7.5 19.5
J. Morales (RSL) 204 $10.5 19.4
Higuita (ORL) 133 $7.0 19
Ceren (ORL) 133 $7.0 19
Ciman (MTL) 155 $8.5 18
Chara (POR) 121 $8.0 15
Alonso (SEA) 114 $8.5 13.5

As if we needed more proof that keeping Sebastian Giovinco on your roster all season is essentially a pre-requisite at this point. What I like is that Alvas Powell and Dax McCarty jump out as potential values in the upcoming season. I like that the changes are going to give defensive midfielders some much needed love, as we all know how integral they are to a team in real life.

The other way I know to look for value is through percentage of budget versus points contributed. If we’re looking to get a 120 point performance from our team, how do we hit that target most efficiently?

Player PPG (2015) Target % of Budget % of Target
Keane (LA) 7.4 120 9.60% 6.17%
Giovinco (TOR) 7.1 120 9.60% 5.92%
J. Morales (RSL) 6.6 120 8.75% 5.50%
Feilhaber (SKC) 6.5 120 9.20% 5.42%
Kamara (CLB) 6.4 120 9.20% 5.33%
Villa (NYC) 6.2 120 9.20% 5.17%
Kljestan (NY) 6.1 120 9.20% 5.08%
Finlay (CLB) 5.6 120 8.75% 4.67%
Ousted (VAN) 5.3 120 5% 4.42%
B. Wright-Phillips (NY) 5.3 120 9.20% 4.42%

In trying to find a way to separate out the players at the top of the points list from last season, we get an obvious bias toward Robbie Keane, who missed a significant chunk of games when compared to other top point getters. However, he’s obviously a top choice if he can stay healthy.

Javier Morales also gets a higher number due to missing some games last season, but given his lower budget charge plus appearing on our previous value chart, he has to be one of the best values in the game right now.

Who are you looking at as a bargain this season? Let us know in the comments below.