Sebastian Giovinco is the front-runner for MVP, but is he having the best season in MLS history?

Sebastian Giovinco's first season in MLS has been pretty decent, shall we say.

Okay, "decent?" That's selling the Italian more than a little short: The 5-foot-4 attacking dynamo has collected 22 goals and 15 assists in 32 games so far.

His 37 combined goals and assists are the most of all time, ahead of Chris Wondolowski's 2012 season, in which the latter scored 27 goals and added seven assists.

But is his season the best in MLS history?

For the answer to that question we have to look in the past and see who was the most productive player per minute in a season.

Giovinco is averaging 1.24 goals and assists per 90 minutes this season, which actually just the fourth best all-time among players with at least 25 goals and assists in a season.

Most goals and assists per 90 minutes in single season
Player Season Goals Assists G+A/90
Diego Serna 2001 15 15 1.37
Cobi Jones 1998 19 13 1.35
Stern John 1998 26 5 1.29
Sebastian Giovinco 2015 22 15 1.24
Robbie Keane 2013 16 11 1.23
Alex Pineda Chacon 2001 19 9 1.23
Landon Donovan 2008 20 9 1.22
Jeff Cunningham 2009 17 8 1.17
Robbie Keane 2014 19 14 1.17
Thierry Henry 2012 15 12 1.15

While Diego Serna posted the best mark back in 2001, one thing to keep in mind is the era in which he played.

Back in 2001, when Serna had his incredible season, there was an average of 3.34 goals scored per game in MLS.  In 1998, when Jones and John had their outstanding season, games averaged 3.56 goals per game.

This season only 2.74 goals are being scored per game.

Basically, it was easier to put up numbers back then than it is now. So just because Giovinco is not averaging the most goals and assists per 90 minutes all-time does not mean he is not having the best season of all time.

In the end, it's all a matter of opinion. What's yours?

Is Giovinco having the best season in MLS history? Let us know in the comments section below.