San Jose Earthquakes mascot "Q" clotheslines pitch invader, gets shoved by Club America | SIDELINE

San Jose Earthquakes mascot "Q" is no stranger to getting physical with Quakes opponents, and proved yet again that it will not back down from anyone.

After Tuesday's International Champions Cup friendly against Club America, a fan from the stands ran onto the Avaya Stadium field. Little did he know that he would wind up in Q's path.

Q allegedly clotheslined the pitch invader, bringing an end to his stroll on the field.

Q's night wasn't done there, either. After this heroic act, Q got into it with a couple Club America players.

Of course it wasn't the first time Q battled an opposition player.

There was a famous instance back in 2012 that involved David Beckham. As the game was ending, Beckham kicked a ball at Sam Cronin from across the field. Of course, the Quakes players were not happy about this.

The two teams got into a shoving match, in which Q wound up. Beckham even pushed the mascot in his fury. Be sure to watch the video below: