VIDEO: Gatorade's tribute to Landon Donovan's unique PK ritual ahead of USMNT farewell | SIDELINE

Landon Donovan tribute videos — we told you earlier in the week that everyone would have their own.

Well, it's Friday and Donovan will pull on the US national team shirt one last time this evening, and that means everyone is unloading their tributes to the USMNT's all-time leading goalscorer and assist provider in unison. ESPN even released a never-before-seen "This is SportsCenter" ad featuring Donovan.

Up next, we've got Gatorade.

You know that slightly odd and extended ritual Donovan performs before he takes a penalty kick? He kisses the heel of his hands, the back of his hands repeatedly and most of the fingers on each hand before he typically rises and calmly sends the ball on its way to the back of the net.

Why does he do it? We've never gotten an explanation from Donovan, but who cares? It clearly works: He's a 90-percent penalty taker between his MLS regular season (31-of-36) and USMNT (15-of-15) careers.

And while the above video is obviously a scripted and choreographed spot, you just know that it rings true -- somewhere across America, there's a little boy or girl somewhere still doing the "Donovan." Another piece of LD's legacy.