Jay Heaps, Dominic Kinnear, and Sigi Schmid
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Mexican study finds MLS has longest-tenured head coaches among world's top leagues

Coaching professional soccer is one of the most unstable jobs any person could have. For coaches who prefer some stability in their lives, they might want to look for a job in MLS.

On Monday, Mexican newspaper El Economista put out a study on the tenures of head coaches throughout some of the top leagues across the world. The study considered how long coaches lasted in these leagues from 2002-14. On average, MLS coaches came out on top.

In the report, columns list how many seasons each coach lasted on average and the amount of games the coaches made it through. It is worth noting that the seasons in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico are much shorter than the seasons in the rest of the countries.

Coaches in MLS last more than three times the amount of games that coaches in Mexico do, almost six times longer than coaches in Brazil do.

The study also looked at how many coaches each team has employed since 2002. New England, who have had only three coaches since then (Fernando Clavijo, Steve Nicol, Jay Heaps), are tied for third in terms of utilizing the fewest coachesin that period.

Bottom line: if you want job security as a head coach in professional soccer, come to MLS.