San Jose Earthquakes install first seats in brand new soccer stadium set to open in 2015 | SIDELINE

The last time we checked in on construction at the site of the San Jose Earthquakes' brand new stadium, they were finishing up a new locker room and team building.

On Tuesday, the stadium took its latest major step to looking like a real soccer stadium ready to host real soccer players playing a real soccer game: the installation of its first four seats.

Of course, a real soccer game can't be played without real soccer fans singing real songs and making real noise. And those fans need seats on which to sit inside the beautiful new $70 million stadium.

The seat pattern will include three different shades of blue as well as a smattering of red seats to pay homage to the club's NASL history. Additionally, the pattern will contain a coded message related to the club. The Earthquakes will host a competition calling on fans to crack the code once the final seats have been installed.

Other major strides have also been made in recent days and weeks, with the likes of lights, locker room branding and some high-class sprucing up of the press box, concession stands and other areas of the stadium.

It's all starting to feel so real in San Jose.